This summer we’re collecting tales, stories, anecdotes and experiences from all kinds of people whether friends, family, or strangers. This began with a questionnaire we submitted to people working in pubs, but we’ve also gathered material through just chatting to people. After each of our shows our audiences will be given the chance to become storytellers themselves by sharing their own stories with us. As the show travels from venue to venue it will also change to include new stories which the actors pick up along the way. All these tales will be included in this archive: a collection of the tales folk are telling right now.

Do you have a story? We’re particularly looking for tales and anecdotes connected to the pub, but we’d also love to hear family stories, folk and fairy stories, local myths or legends, or just a stories and anecdotes you enjoy telling or you’ve enjoyed hearing from someone else. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it can be long or short, true or fictional (and most are a combination of the two)!

There are three ways to get involved:

1. Come to one of our shows from the 14th – 26th July, where you’ll be invited to stay for a drink afterwards and can chat to the cast and crew. We always love hearing about people’s experiences in person, and we’re very friendly!

2. Complete one of the sentences below and submit your answer using the form on this very page, just scroll down to find the submission form.

3. Follow the link to our questionnaire (below) for anyone who has ever worked in a pub, fill it in and submit it. Easy as pie!

4.If you’re feeling inspired you can submit a story, anecdote, folktale, spooky tale, drunk night out tale, joke, urban myth, local history story, family story, pub observation, favorite pub description, description of someone you know who is a good storyteller, local word definition and/or origin, description of what you think makes a good story, or anything else you fancy to the form below!

Keep scrolling down to have a read of the tales we’ve got so far… you might just be inspired to tell your own, and keep checking back for new tales throughout the summer.

Get involved! Give us the answer to one of these questions:

The most memorable thing I’ve ever seen at the pub…

Where I’m from they tell a story about…

My                     tells great stories, for example…

We hope that by the end of the summer we’ll have collected a small archive of tales and anecdotes, and this right here is where you can read them!