This one is an excerpt from the original questionaire sent out in December 2014.

Did you have any regular customers? Describe them.

Yes, many regulars:

-the most memorable customers were a married couple who lived two minutes away from the bar. They were between 60 and 70 years old. As a rule, the guy always came first and ordered a glass of rum and a glass of beer at the same time. Always rum and beer. He was very likeable and jokingly was saying that I shouldn’t tell his wife that he is drinking rum there. He was always sitting at the same table next to the bar and was always calling at me his orders. He was calling me simply what would be translated into English as “Boy!” (in Czech the word was “Kluku!”; meaning “boy”; pronounced as “clue-koo”). That itself is a very strange and funny way of calling someone. So he just shouted at me in a friendly manner: “Boy, fetch me a glass of rum!” Around a half an hour after his first round of rum and beer his wife would usually show up and sit next to him. They were a strangely looking couple. A very noticeable feature of her was that she had so much of her long extremely thick hair. They were partly black and partly grey and since they were so thick they were all sticking out upwards. It looked like a thick broom. She was reminding me a witch from fairytales. On the other hand, her husband was completely bald. It was a nice combination to see them sit next to each other. Alhough they were both a bit rude in their manners both to me and to each other you could tell it was just a little game they were playing, They were just teasing everyone. In fact, under the surface they were very kind-hearted, friendly, and likeable. Whereas he was always drinking his rum and beer, she always had what we called a ‘Viennese Coffee”: a coffee with whipped cream on top and a sweet egg liquer inside. She loved this coffee with cream so much! Furthermore, each time she went to the toilet, her husband secretly ordered another glass of rum. Of course that each time she came back from the toilet she found out about the rum and she was pretending to be angry. But again, you could see she was just playing a game. Finally, it was always her who paid the bill. He never did. And even when he occasionally came on his own without his wife he just left without paying. He was a regular so it was fine. And we knew his wife would always come a few minutes after he left and she would pay for his drinks. Finally, a good thing to mention is that before he got retired his job was a brewer in a local beer brewery. I don’t remember her job. Anyway, I loved them. They were great!


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