Names have been changed for annonymity.

‘My granny used to say that for everything there is a song…any conversation no matter what the tangent would result in a sing-a-long of some sorts. And I always think that songs are just modern day camp-fire stories.’

‘My twin tells great stories, for example…[ones] where we were teenage witches, had cats that could talk and special powers. We went to witch/sorcery boarding schools.’

‘The most memorable thing I’ve seen in a pub…In the only pub in Glethrothes a guy from high school Jack, a known scumbag, starts talking in too much detail about [his date with] Jill, also from school. Soon texts from Jill arrive. She was not at the pub. How did she know?

“Shut up. My mum is sat behind you.” Everyboy but Jack feels utterly terrible.’

‘A French waiter who refused to accept €10 in copper coins, and thus pushed over the coin-towers that we had so carefully built.’

‘The most memorable thing that has happened to me in a pub…A man I had never met walked up to me:

The man ‘You’re Jack right?’

Me: ‘Yes’

The man (with conviction) ‘I’ve heard you’re a ****’


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