Where I’m from they tell a story about…’an ant that saved the life of an elephant by stinging a hunter who was about to shoot the elephant. The elephant had once saved the ant from drowning by tossing him a leaf to act as a boat. At the time, the any had promised to return the favour and how the elephant had laughed!’

‘My most surreal experience ever! There was a three legged dog running about in a very odd pub full of old people arguing and putting on weird music on the juke box. Then someone came round with a plastic bag full of clearly stolen chicken asking each person if they wanted to buy some.’

‘My best friend tells great stories, for example… the time a flock of pigeons pooed all over some couture gowns she was looking after in Paris.’

Where I’m from they tell a story about… ‘A student rag week where a student phoned up the police and told them there were students disguised as council workers digging up the road. Then they told the council workers there were some students dressed up as police who were going to come and try to arrest them. Mayhem ensued!’


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